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Global revenues from OOHE sectors including cinema, theatre and live music that require ‘bricks and mortar’ to survive dropped to almost zero during the pandemic but are recovering at varying levels. The entertainment industry is looking to either strengthen its portfolio or search for new, innovative ways of conducting business in this new era.

We offer a diverse range of solutions and services to companies that require help and support to build or maintain revenues in the bricks & mortar and virtual environments. These include cinemas, theatres, leisure location based destinations, restaurants and real estate planning.

Our Mission

Rob has worked in leadership roles in the UK and International Cinema sectors for the past 30 years with organisations including Vue Entertainment, SBC International Cinemas; Warner Village Cinemas, Apollo Cinemas, Curzon Cinemas and United Cinemas International where he held senior executive and operational management positions.

Rob has extensive Out of Home Entertainment business development experience in Taiwan, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Rob is an appointed Advisor to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development; Co-Founder of the CJCinemaSummit and the Co-Founder and Director of the Emerging Cinema Markets conference based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rob Arthur

Heike has over 25-years experience in exhibition, distribution, film strategy as well as in production. Having worked for companies such as UGC, Virgin, Cineworld, Tartan, Disney and Twentieth Century Fox she has vast know-how in commercial strategies and operational management for the independent sector as well as for studios.

Heike spent 6 years in Sub-Saharan Africa where she worked with agencies such as UNICEF, UNDP, WHO and EU to develop awareness raising and behavioural change campaigns.

Heike is an appointed Specialist Advisor to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, and a team member of the Emerging Cinema Markets Conference.

Heike Wolkerstorfer

Kevin has been working within the cinema exhibition industry since 1985. Highly experienced in cinema operations within the UK (Warner Bros Cinemas, Warner Village Cinemas & VUE) taking up roles within cinema management and at Head Office level.

Kevin is very technically minded and in recent years has devised digital marketing initiatives for cinema operators in order to maximise their customer engagement and increase market share within a competitive market space.

Kevin is also an appointed Specialist Advisor to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development

Kevin McCarthy